We are continuing to hold our in person gatherings in the building, in accordance with the current Welsh Government regulations. If you are unable to be there any given week we encourage you to watch our online worship on our YouTube channel or on the playlist here:

If you are coming to our in-person gatherings, here is the guidance you must follow:

If you have any coronavirus symptoms YOU MUST NOT ATTEND. These include, coughing, a high temperature and loss or change to sense of taste or smell. The government also advises that people who are at risk should continue to minimise their contact with others, but may decide to attend for their wellbeing. Anyone not attending in-person is encouraged to watch our online worship.


This in-person gathering will be limited to 30 people booked in advance, with a little breathing space in case we have visitors who haven’t booked in. We are also that you only attend one in three weeks. Therefore, please book in using the following link:


For people who haven’t got the internet, you are welcome to ask someone who does have the internet to book you in on our behalf.


Bring a drink, your own Bible and use the toilet before coming. For your children, you will need a sermon worksheet printed out and we encourage you to bring a snack or lollipop for them. We would encourage you to wear a mask, even though it is not mandatory, for the protection of others.


Entrance is through the original main doors in the graveyard. The alley between the building and graveyard will be blocked so you’ll need to walk round if you use the car park. You may have to queue outside, in which case please abide by the floor markings. Stewards will direct you to your seats according to the size of your group.

You must sanitise your hands as you enter and you are welcome to help yourself to a mask. Please follow the one way system through our building.


Please sit only where indicated and avoid seats that are marked off. This will enable us to maintain 2 metre distancing at all times. Children are to stay with their parents at all times. If you need the toilet, then make your way into the back hall where a steward will direct you.

For our in-person gatherings, we are not able to sing together. In place of that, we will listen to singing and sing in our hearts to God. If any of our services requires congregation response, this must be done in a lowered voice.


Once the service is done, we must exit the building promptly and orderly. The service leader will direct you one household group at a time and we are required to leave the premises straight away. If you are home by 12, do join in the zoom session to enable us to chat share together.

Further details are available in the following YouTube video:

We hope to see you again soon as we begin to get back to some form of normality.


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