1 Peter Resources

We’re doing 1 Peter in some pretty large portions. You might want to go into more detail with some of the themes we’re picking out or with the book as a whole. If that’s you, then here are some resources:

“1 Peter For You” by Juan Sanchez

If you want to go deeper, this study book will take you through the entire book of 1 Peter, perfect for personal devotions.

“Distinctives” by Vaughan Roberts

The subheading says it all: “Dare to be Different!” It’s a short snappy book all about how we should stand out, in a good way, as Christians in the world.

“The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges

An excellent book on how we’re called to be holy and what that looks like.

“Holiness” by J. C. Ryle

This absolute classic takes a bit of work but is very rewarding in its study on the theme of holiness.

“Sacrifice” by Simon Guillebaud

A very short but powerfully punchy book on the sacrifice of being willing to risk everything to live for Christ.

Help Me Teach the Bible: John Piper on 1 Peter

A video on The Gospel Coalition website of Nancy Guthrie interviewing John Piper on how he would teach 1 Peter. (Watch out for when his mobile phone goes off during his interview! See 1:06:26.)

(Nancy Guthrie: Help Me Teach 1 Peter w/ John Piper [Workshop] from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.)

Also available in audio format, with links to other 1 Peter resources, here.

(Books are available from other book shops! Some are available on electronic reading devices too.)