In addition to our core beliefs, the core values that shape us as a church are represented in the following diagram:



Training is our growth in love for God and in growing in our ability to live in the way he would have us live. Our training focusses on informing our minds, so that it stirs our hearts and changes our lives.

As we grow in training, so we are better able to worship.

Worship is not merely singing or even gathered worship (though it is these) but more than that it is the offering of our lives to God in everything we can do, to and for him, by his Spirit who lives in us. Our worship is done in response to who God is and what he has done for us in his Son, Jesus.


Community is the intimacy we experience as a church. It involves us being accepting and loving of each other regardless of our backgrounds, characters, or any other difference.

As we grow in community, so we are better able to care.

Care is how we are able to meet one another’s needs within our community. Care focusses on the whole of a person, including both the physical material needs we all face from time to time, and also the more spiritual needs such as encouragement, prayer and teaching of one another.


Deeds are any of the good things we may do in our world which reflect God’s character to the world, demonstrating the change in our lives that the gospel has made.

As we grow in deeds, so we are better able to do evangelism.

Evangelism is the sharing of the good news of Jesus with those who don’t know him. It is a movement that is constantly going outward to reach further: locally, nationally and globally.

Good News

The good news, or gospel, is the glue that holds all these values together and the source out of which these values flow. This good news is that though God is holy, and though we are flawed by sin, Jesus has come to take on full humanity, to die a death in our sin, and to rise in new life. This so that if we trust him we can be forgiven and changed by his Spirit who lives in every believer.

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