Appreciate Everything

Masterchef has been back on our screens for a few weeks now and is almost at its finale. One thing I’ve noticed is that you’ll never hear the John and Greg, the presenters and judges, say is that they just don’t like this particular ingredient or style of cooking. Whatever meat or vegetable is thrown at a plate, they will appreciate it for its intrinsic flavour. And whether it’s Italian, fusion or street food, they will enjoy its style and flair for what it is.

It means they can be objective and fair judges. Think about how bad it would be for you if you cooked a mushroom based dish and it just happened to be that mushrooms are the one ingredient that they just don’t like. It could be the best mushroom dish in the world, but you’d be marked down just because the judges don’t like mushrooms.

So what Greg and John have managed to do is to have an appreciation for the intrinsic worth and flavour of each individual ingredient and appreciate the excellence of every kind of style of cooking. It makes their appreciation of food so much broader and so much more about excellence rather than preference.

Having this kind of broad appreciation is actually a great trait to have in life. It can make you much more appreciative of things, and not just the things that you have a preference for, but of all things. For example, I’m not a fan of football – it’s just not my preference. But I’m sure if I treated it with this attitude, I could appreciate the skill, the teamwork, the thrill of the game. Or birdwatching – again not my thing – but if I looked carefully at birds with this attitude, there would be things I would appreciate about birds, such as their colours or their characteristics.

Cultivating this kind of attitude will make us into more optimistic people with greater joy who are on the look out for the positives. In short, it’s one of the aspects of life that helps makes us happier. And there are biblical reasons for being this way – biblical frameworks for cultivating this broad appreciation. Here are three…

Goodness of Creation: When God made everything, the repeated phrase he used to describe it was that it was good. He made everything well. Everything has an intrinsic beauty to it, even though corrupted by sin, everything still maintains a level of goodness. To be able to look for signs of goodness and beauty in everything in this world, even above the corruption of sin, will help us have a broad appreciation.

Image of God: When God made humans at the peak of his creation, he invested within us something of his own image. We are made to be in some many ways, like our creator. That means that in every human being, no matter how sinful they are, no matter how impaired they may be, no matter how abused they have been, every human has significant value and worth. As we see that, we will have a greater love for all humans, even those we find it hard to do so.

Common Grace: When humans rebelled against God, we broke everything and we stained everything with sin. There’s not a square inch of this world that isn’t marred by sin’s corruption. But there’s also not a square inch of this world that isn’t held back by God from being as broken by sin as it could be. It’s God’s common grace that provides the needs of all his creatures. It’s his common grace that keeps societies from turning into complete moral anarchic chaos. As we see more of common grace, we will see God’s goodness even in the darkest of places.

But then, we have seen an even greater excellence in God’s special grace, in the image of his Son, in his new creation. We have come to taste and even greater flavour in Christ. Which ought to give us more cause for joy and delight. It ought to raise the level of our other appreciations.

So as we cultivate these three frameworks in our lives, we may find ourselves becoming more appreciative and thankful people. We may then be people who delight in all things, who experience joy even in dark places. And even more so because of the even greater excellencies we have experiences in Christ.

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