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Help is at Hand

If you are self-isolating because of coronavirus and you need a bit of help, then we are here for you. If you need someone to go grab you some shopping, or if you want a friendly chat with someone over the phone, or if we can pray for you, then we have a team of volunteers ready to help.

If this is something you, or someone you know, would benefit from then contact Jonny: 07769 114 586

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Truth on Trial

From now until the end of April, we’re planning on spending a few Sundays in the gospel according to John. We’ll be looking at how, in different ways, it gives testimony to the truth of who Jesus is. Join us for an 11 am start.

2 Feb John 1:1-18 & 20:30-31 The Testimony of John
9 Feb John 2:1-12 The Testimony of the Wine
16 Feb John 3:1-21 The Testimony of Jesus
23 Feb John 4:1-42 The Testimony of the Outcast Woman
1 Mar John 5:31-37 The Testimony of Scripture
8 Mar John 8:12-58 The Testimony of Father
15 Mar John 9:1-41 The Testimony of the Blind Man
22 Mar John 12:1-19 The Testimony of the Crowd
29 Mar John 15:26-16:16 The Testimony of the Holy Spirit
5 Apr John 18:28-19:37 The Testimony of Pilate
12 Apr John 20:1-31 The Testimony of the Empty Tomb
26 Apr John 21:1-25 The Testimony of Peter

And if you’d like to know what’s happening for our evenings, we’re carrying on with Revelation. As follows:

5 Jan Rev 10:1-11:19 Scroll, Witnesses, Trumpet
12 Jan Rev 12:1-17 Woman, Baby, Dragon
26 Jan Rev 13:1-18 Two Beasts
2 Feb Rev 14:1-20 Harvester
9 Feb Rev 15:1-16:21 Preparing and Pouring the Plagues
23 Feb Rev 17:1-18 The Beast Riding Harlot
1 Mar Rev 18:1-24 Woe Babylon
8 Mar Rev 19:1-21 Hallelujah Chorus
22 Mar Rev 20:1-15 Millennium
29 Mar Rev 21:1-8 All Things New
12 Apr Rev 21:9-27 New City
19 Apr Rev 22:1-5 River of Life
26 Apr Rev 22:6-21 I am Coming Soon

Remembrance Sunday

This year we are holding our first ever outdoor service for Remembrance Sunday. We intend this to be something to serve the wider community. We will start promptly at 10:45am and will lay a wreath and observe the 2 minute silence. We will then finish the service at 11:15am followed by complimentary refreshments served in our church hall.

If you would struggle to stand for the duration of the service, then you are welcome to go into our main hall where you will be able to hear the audio of the service. If the weather is looking questionable then bring a brolly. Creche and Trailblazers groups for children will run for the duration of the service, so please get your children to their groups before we begin.