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VAULTS 2.4.17am

CrossWith the subject of the sermon this morning being the victory of Jesus over the Devil on the cross, here are some very appropriate and useful links for today’s sermon (VAULTS):

Here’s an article by Thabiti Anyabwile on The Gospel Coalition, with the rather long title, “The Death Of Death In The Death of Christ means Victory over Death for those who Believe.”

A book that’s well worth every Christian reading is “The Cross of Christ” by John Stott. It’s pricey (though well worth it) so maybe buy a used copy on Amazon or from your local bookshop or other online retailer.

Finally, below is a video of a sermon by John Piper with the title “The Fall of Satan and the Victory of Christ.” If you prefer to read sermons, then you can read the manuscript.

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VAULTS: 4.9.16am

HatThis morning we were looking at that lovely passage on women wearing hats amongst the gathered church. As I explained, I felt there is much more to it than it merely being about an external expression, and so we focussed less on the hats and hair themselves and more on the undergirding principles.

But if you do want to look into the hat stuff, here are some resources and links:

First, off a short YouTube video of a Q&A session from a church in America, asking why they don’t do the hat thing but do do the men only in leadership thing. Bear in mind, this is an off the cuff answer not a carefully rehearsed thing, but it is very good:

Next an article by The Gospel Coalition on why the writer thinks it is appropriate to not apply the head covering passage straight into our context whereas it is necessary to apply the prohibition on women teaching passage. Go here.

Then, theologian and retired pastor, John Piper, gives his explanation of the passage. He puts forward that it is more about the principles involved than the specific cultural expression of that principle. Go here.

One more argument against comes from theologian, Daniel Wallace on the website. Wallace used to believe head coverings were right to wear (though being a man, presumably he never did!) but recently changed his mind. His article is a bit more technical but if you really want to get your head (no pun intended!) around it then it’s well worth the read. Go here.

And for the sake of a hint of balance, there’s a group promoting head coverings in corporate worship today, The Head Covering Movement. They’ve done a video on why they see the head covering as an actual covering and not just long hair:

As Paul says: “Judge for yourselves: is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered?” (1 Corinthians 11:13)

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VAULTS: 7.2.16am

dead tulip

Today we’ve been tackling the very tricky issue of divorce and remarriage. Whilst sharing my own perspective on the biblical texts, I want each one of us to have our own biblically informed position that we hold in good conscience before God.

To help us do that, here are just a few Very Appropriate and Useful Links to Today’s Sermon (VAULTS!)…two books, and a series of online articles:

“Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible”

by Jay Adams

This book is a detailed look at all the issues surrounding divorce and remarriage, though helpfully starts with a great unpacking of what marriage is as well.

“Remarriage after Divroce in Today’s Church: 3 Views”

by Gordon Wenham, William Heth and Craig Keener

Part of the counterpoint series, this book takes three different views and puts them in discussion with each other. Each author gets to write a chapter and the other authors get to critique their argument.

“Divorce and Re-Marriage: Recovering the Biblical View”

by William Luck

Though I haven’t read all the articles in this series, I particularly found the ones on the teaching of Jesus and Paul to be helpful in which he careful unpacks the texts of the Bible.

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VAULTS 11.10.2015am

For today’s Very Appropriate and Useful Links to Today’s Sermon, a few resources for those who want to explore more about the issues of same sex attraction.

A Website:

This brilliant website has been put together by several Bible-centred Christians who experience same sex attraction but live in celibacy. There are a bunch of stories to engage with, questions that are addressed and resources to use.

It’s especially for those who are struggling with same sex attraction to get the right help they need and also to not feel on their own or like an odd-ball. It’s also for those who want to know how better to engage with those who do experience such feelings.

Three Books:

“What doe the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality” by Kevin de Young

Part one looking at each of the relevant texts of the Bible in an easy to understand way. Part two, looking at the different objections that people then apply to the Bible’s teaching.

“Is God Anti-Gay” by Sam Allberry

Sam, who experiences same sex attraction, unpacks the broader issues of homosexuality and Christian teaching all in a brief and pastoral way.

“The Plausibility Problem” by Ed Shaw

A little bit different in its nature. Assuming the Bible’s teaching is clear, this book asks if it’s a realistic and fair expectation. This one is also written by someone who experiences same sex attraction.

An Article:

“The Condemnation of Homosexuality in 1 Corinthians 6:9”

By David Malick, this is a bit more academic in its nature. But with a bit of carefully reading, most people should be able to get the main gist of it! It focusses in purely on the verse we touched upon this morning.