COVID 19 UPDATE Due to the pandemic, we are no longer meeting as we were. Instead we are running a prayer meeting on Zoom on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. If you want details, please contact us. Below gives you a picture of the midweek activities before the pandemic. — We have a varied programme of midweek gatherings, including various specific groups that meet. The week of the first Tuesday of the month is normally our RBT¬†Groups. For these we will have read part of the Bible the month before and will share our reflections from that, based on the questions. There is also a time of prayer, as well as deepening friendships. If you’d like to join one of our RBT Groups then do contact us for details. For other Tuesdays will normally be prayer meetings, either for missions work both overseas and in the UK, or for the life of our own church.¬†Meetings are held in the hall in our building. In addition we have Members Meetings several times a year. These are for members to help in thinking and praying through the vision and life of our church, as well as for making decisions related to our church.