Due to the pandemic, we are no longer meeting as we were. Details can be found on our home page. Below gives you a picture of how we used to run Sundays before the pandemic.

teas and coffees

10:30am – Tea and Coffee

Refreshments are served before the morning service, so make sure you come early to grab a cuppa before we start!

11:00am – Morning Service

A normal service will have singing, praying, reading from the Bible, and teaching based upon the reading. We occasionally celebrate communion with bread and wine and often have an additional message for the children.

For younger ones:

Trailblazers – Halfway through the morning service, primary school age children go off for separate classes, with singing, stories, games and crafts.

Creche – For babies and toddlers with plenty of toys to keep them amused. They go out the same time as Trailblazers.


6:00pm – Evening Service

An additional service for further fellowship in singing, reading, praying and teaching. The service is followed by tea and coffee.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should I wear?
Whatever you’d normally wear! Many of us dress informally in jeans and t-shirts, others dress more formally, some even wear ties!

How long are your services?
Normally around an hour and 15 minutes, though if we’re doing something special like a baptism, then it may last a little longer.

What if my children make a bit of noise?
It doesn’t matter. We’re pleased for kids to be joining us and no one can expect them to be silent. We like to have a fairly relaxed atmosphere in our services. We do have the crèche and separate teaching classes for children (B4C) halfway through the morning service though.


Should I bring money?
Please don’t! We don’t take a collection in the service so you won’t be embarrassed. We are supported by the members of the church who either put their gifts in the boxes at the front and back as they leave, or electronically by standing order.

What is Communion?
It’s a small meal of bread and (non-alcoholic) wine shared by the church to remember Jesus’ death on the cross. It is for who have trusted Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. If you’re not a member but are a Christian then you’re welcome to join us.

What is your music like?
Eclectic sums it up well. We have a mix from the best of the very old to the very new and everything in between. We sometimes have a band with guitars and drums, other times we’re led by a piano.