Getting Ready for Christmas

Got to get ready for Christmas. I’ve got so much to do.

The wish lists need careful analysing. Who wants what? Can I get each present in time? There’s such a rush for the latest this or that, I hope they’re not going to be out of stock. Perhaps I’ll preorder it, just in case.

Mustn’t forget the batteries too. I can’t give that gift without batteries. I’ll need to check what size they take, was it double or triple A?

Decorations need sorting out. Time to get them down from the attic. Put the tree up and unravel the fairy lights. I’ve got to make sure I get the balance right of not too much tinsel, and the right combination of colours so it’s classy looking. Perhaps I’ll replace some of those baubles as they’re so last decade.

Oh and then there’s the other decorations. The wreath needs to go on the front door, hang a few lights outside too – nothing too garish or the neighbours might complain, but I’ve got to have something so people know I’m not a scrooge.

I’ve got a list of seventy Christmas cards that need writing. Friends from years gone by who it’s the only time we keep in touch. And all those distant relatives that I love to drop a short note in with. They all need writing carefully and thoughtfully.

Can’t forget the food. There’s always so much to sort out. My turkey has been on order since September, so that will be ok. But it’s all the trimmings, the sweets and snacks, the extra party food, and a good bottle of mulled wine (non-alcoholic of course!) Got to get some nice crackers, serviettes, and some delicious puddings. Not sure about Christmas pudding, it’s always a bit hit or miss.

Must plan all the visits too. Who’s coming to us again? I’ll just double check when exactly they’re coming. Oh and where was it we’re going? I’ll just double check they know when we’re coming as well.

Right, that’s all those things done, what else is left?

Church things of course!

Those cards need delivering, so I’ll see if I can take a pack or two. I’ll do them on my usual route. I must remember to offer to help with the refreshments for one of the events as well. Can’t leave it to just the usual ones or twos as they’ll be so busy.

I must remember to personally invite those I’d love to bring along as well. I’ll want to bring some non-Christian family members to one event. But my friends down the road who don’t know Jesus, they might be better at one of the other events.

And let me just make a note to pray for them and for others who come along. I’d love them to know Jesus so I’ll pop that on my prayer list for December. So important to pray in advance.

There’s something else I’m sure I’m missing.

What else do I need to get ready?

I’m almost certain I’m forgetting something that needs preparing…

My heart. Of course! Christmas is a time for me to worship Jesus as well. A time for me to rejoice in his kindness in coming to this world to be the one who we would worship – the very one who would save me from my sin.

I know, I’ll read the gospel accounts of his birth in Matthew and Luke. I’ll take note of how others respond, being filled with awe and delight, rejoicing and worshiping our king who was born. I’ll prepare myself by finding my joy and pleasure in Jesus in the run up to Christmas.

(Originally published in the December Church Magazine)

photo credit: Wouter de Bruijn Day 304 via photopin (license)