Life Explored

There’s a new course that we’re going to run called Life Explored. It’s a bit like the other course we’ve run, Christianity Explored, except it’s just a little different.

It’s especially designed for people who are interested in considering Christianity and the message of the Bible. So if you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian, or if you’d even call yourself an agnostic, or atheist, or if you don’t know what you’d call yourself, then this isĀ for you! Or maybe you are a Christian and want to explore your faith a bit more, if so then this is for you as well.

From Sunday 7th May at 6pm, over seven weeks we’ll be running the course alongside our Sunday evening service, in our upstairs hall. The course consists of video content alongside discussion groups and short Bible studies. You don’t need any previous knowledge and you won’t be put on the spot or asked to do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

The course provides a relaxed environment to be informed and to raise whatever questions you would like to ask about the Christian faith. And it is of course free of charge! Here’s a trailer to entice you:

All are invited to come along. Contact us if you’d like any further details.