Life Groups


The saying goes that no person is an island. And if that’s true generally then it’s certainly true of the life of a Christian. You can’t live a Christian life in isolation from others.

As much as it’s helpful to be part of the crowd that is the church gathering on a weekly basis, the Christian life needs to be lived up close and personal with other Christians. That’s why we’re introducing Life Groups, to be a more intimate level of fellowship.¬†For these groups, there will be a short Bible study, followed by lots of prayer that especially focuses on praying for each other, as well as simply being with each other.

Every member has been given a suggested group for them to attend. And we’ll also hold a group in the church hall, for those who find it easier to get to than someone’s home. If you need more details then get in contact.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk Blue Heart via photopin (license)