Off to Aber

At the end of this month, I’m heading off to Aberystwyth, not on holiday but to help out with a CU Mission. I, and another minister nearby (James Sercombe from Crickhowell) have been asked to help by giving the talks at their weeklong mission at the university.

University is a great time to reach people with the good news of Jesus. For the most part, people have come away from their comfortable home environment, are mixing with people of different backgrounds and ideologies, and they’re figuring out who they are as they grow into adulthood. As a result, most people are open to at least thinking about something they’ve never considered before, like Jesus!

As a warm up, I was asked to go up at Christmas and give the talk at the Christmas banquet. I actually used my Christmas Day message from Luke 1, though adapted it for the different audience. The large room was packed with around 140 people, and I was told that 99 of them were not from the CU and were not yet Christians – what an opportunity!

So, mission week is 18th to 20th February. I’ll be giving the lunchtime talks as follows:

Tuesday: A liberating story; what does it mean to be free?

Wednesday: A trustworthy story; how can I trust the Bible?

Thursday: An honest story; why do Christians say one thing and do another?

Friday: A better story; is there meaning in my pain?

I’d value your prayers for preparing those talks, for delivering them, and for good conversations to follow them. And not just for myself but for the other speakers as well and for the CU members as they invite friends and follow them up afterwards.

(This article originally appeared in the February edition of the church magazine)

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