Origins: Overview

Genesis Sermon Series

Genesis is a big book. But it’s also an essential book to know well. As the beginning of the Bible it sets the pattern of all that is to follow, ultimately on all that was to come in Christ.

We’re going to cover the whole book in 8 sermons on Sunday mornings, from now until Christmas. The plan sits like this:

8 Oct Gen.1:1-4:26 From Very Good to Very Broken
15 Oct Gen.5:1-11:26 The Problem that can’t be Easily Fixed
29 Oct Gen. 11:27-19:38 Greatest Expectations
12 Nov Gen.20:1-25:18 When the Answer is on the Altar
26 Nov Gen.25:19-29:30 Who’s Gonna Get the Inheritance?
3 Dec Gen.29:31-37:1 Getting Back on Track
17 Dec Gen.37:2-41:57 The Destined, Doomed Deliverer
24 Dec Gen.42:1-50:26 Meant for Evil; Used for Good

What’s more, the even bigger plan in this is to come back to Genesis every autumn for the subsequent four years! Stay tuned for that.