Spiritual Gifts Q&A


Have you got a burning question about spiritual gifts? Maybe about how you discover your gifts? Or about one of the gifts in particular? Or about whether all the gifts are still around today?

Well, as we’re working our way through some chapters in 1 Corinthians that speak a lot about spiritual gifts, we want to give the opportunity for anyone with burning questions to raise them and have them addressed.

So on Tuesday 25 October, 7:30pm, we’ll have a time for any questions anyone wants to raise, as part of our prayer meeting. You can raise a question on the night, or hand it to one of the leaders, or post it on Facebook or Twitter. Or you can write it on a piece of paper and submit it in the offering boxes. Or, very simply, you can enter it below:


(Please note, the deadline for submitting questions using the form above is 4:00pm on Tuesday 25 November. But don’t worry if you’re too late — we are hoping to take questions on the night!

photo credit: kristin wolff interview via photopin (license)