Summer Sundays

Storytime: Parables in Matthew's Gospel

Coming up on Sunday mornings in the summer, we will be looking at some of the parables in Matthew. The sermons will be child friendly involving interaction for them. Here are the plans:

21 July Matthew 13:1-23 The Scattered Seed
28 July Matthew 18:21-35 The Mean Servant
4 August Matthew 20:1-16 The Wicked Workers
11 August Matthew 22:1-14 The Wedding Guests
18 August Matthew 25:14-30 The Good Stewards

Then in the evenings, we’re carrying on in the Psalms for our Summer Songs. Don’t forget to see if you can identify the popular music song titles in the sermon titles! As follows:

21 July Psalm 51 Bathsheba Blues
28 July Psalm 52 Braggin’ & Boastin
4 August Psalm 53 Fool Again
11 August Psalm 54 For My Help
18 August Psalm 55 Fear and Trembling