Sunday Evenings: Hope in the Tears

Coming up on Sunday evenings, a series on the book of Lamentations, the most carefully structured book of the Bible (probably!) As Jeremiah pours out his heart following the destruction of Jerusalem and exile of his people, so he expresses great sorrow for sin, culminating in hope right in the middle of the book. This book will help us feel the weight of sin and increase our confidence in God and his purposes in bringing salvation. Here’s the plan:

3 March Lamentations 1:1-22Look!
10 MarchLamentations 2:1-22Cry Out!
17 MarchLamentations 3:1-39Wait!
24 MarchLamentations 3:40-66Return!
31 MarchLamentations 4:1-22Trust!
7 AprilLamentations 5:1-22Pray!