Having had many excellent suggestions for what you would like to hear Jesus speak about, we’ve chosen the top four answers and we will be tackling them on Sunday mornings in January. As follows:

Sunday 8th January: “What would Jesus say happens when you die?”

Sunday 15th January: “What would Jesus say to Islamic State?”

Sunday 22nd January: “What would Jesus say about good people dying young?”

Sunday 29th January: “What would Jesus say to Presidents Assad and Putin?”

Services start at 11am, though refreshments are served in the hall from 10:30am. Each morning will last for around an hour and will include times of singing, praying and reading the Bible, but if you simply want to observe then that’s fine. We’ll spend around half an hour considering the particular topic based on what the Bible teaches. Don’t feel you need to dress smart, as most of us don’t either. And if you have children then we have childcare for all from babies up to those in year 6.